Finding your Signature Scent for your Home and Body

When we think about Beauty, we usually think about the visual first. How your hair and make-up look or your clothes and nails. But another part of beauty that is just as important is your scent. Now there many people that are fragrance connoisseurs and may have collections of 30 plus of perfumes or colognes and each fragrance has a special memory or saved for a special occasion.  Well, I’m not that person. I have always been an allergy and sinus sufferer and some fragrances just leave me with headache.

For the past few years, I have been on a minimal-ish journey. Not quite a minimalist but I adapt a lot of the concepts to my life. So, this year I have decided I wanted to narrow down my signature scents for home and body. Finding a scent that you would enjoy being surrounded by every day can be a daunting task. You will need to take a lot sniffs and spend some time with the aromas to make sure it’s something that you love. Not just like, but love.


Having a signature scent is your way of telling people I was here and remember me. When people smell that amazing fragrance that you always wear they will think of you. It will bring back memories of their time spent with you. Take some time and test multiple perfumes before you decide on a scent for yourself.

If you are sticking with one signature scent it should be a scent that can be worn throughout all four seasons and not too abrasive for your work environment. Or you can opt for a fall/winter fragrance with warmer notes and then a spring/summer scent with lighter notes and if your into it a little sweet.

There is of course a time to switch it up for a sexy night out with your boo or that rich scent that pairs with your gown for a formal night, but outside of special occasions stick to your signature fragrance. This will save you money from buying every new fragrance that is released but also make you unforgettable.



This is the same for your home. We have all been to someone’s home and remember that scent, in a not so good way. But who says we can’t curate our home scent as well? The same theory goes for your home, find something that’s great for all year round and not to strong that your guests allergies flare up. We all love a Holiday scent and fruity fun candle, but let’s save those for a specific time of year or occasion.

When curating your home scent, it’s important to stick with just one. For me, I enjoy fresh and natural scents in my home. I have purchased lots of candles throughout my life ranging from $4 to $70 and to be honest, my favorite scent for my home fell on the lower end of the spectrum. Once I decided on my favorite candle, I accompanied it with a home spray and diffusers reeds to make sure that my home could have my desired aroma without needing to burn a candle.



If you are like me and are sensitive to strong perfumes, you do not have to count yourself out. There are plenty of clean scents out there that can make the sneezing and headaches non existent. A quick google or trip to Sephora or any Fragrance shop can you lead you in the right direction. Check out Clean Fragrance brands such Clean Reserve, Ellis Brooklyn, Skylar, and Maison Louis Marie for you body.

The best way to liven up the ambiance of your home without perfumed infused candles and plug-in wall diffusers is to use Essential oils. Essential oils not only smell fresh and welcoming but can also be used to reduce stress or migraines, boost your moods or help you get a good night’s sleep. An oil diffuser and oil can be purchased at my most places and some brands have pre-mixed oils that create an amazing smell and are created to set the mood.

So, ladies are you ready to find your signature scent? It’s time to make sure that everywhere we go someone says, she smells good.

Tell me below if you have a signature or if you looking for one.

Cherise Jenea’


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