Gym Hair Don't Care


It’s 2019, are we still having the gym hair conversation?! YES, WE ARE! Most ladies have figured it out….they wear braids, wigs, natural curly styles. But what if you’re the woman that still likes to keep a silk press or wear your relaxed hair straight. What are you supposed to do!?

If that’s you, all hope is not lost. Here are a few tips to help you slay after the gym.

If you use a sweatband or wrap while working out, the key is to leave it on until your hair is dry. If you need to speed up the process with a blow dryer after your workout, do it. Warm to cool setting will due. Taking your wrap off of wet hair and allowing your hair to air dry is buying yourself a one way ticket to an Afro. :-)

Nicole Ari Parker actually created an amazing GymWrap that wicks away moisture and allows your hair to stay dry the whole workout. So you can take it off as soon as you’re done!

After every couple of workouts, you’ll need to rinse the salt(sweat) from your hair. Allowing that salt to build up on your hair that you then manipulate daily could promote breakage. Washing will also prevent your hair from trapping in the sweaty gym odor. If you don’t want to actually shampoo, you can use a co-wash or cleansing conditioner. This way you’ll be sure not to strip or dry out your strands. If you workout 3 times a week, rinsing once a week should be good.

Depending on where and how you workout, consider using flexi rods or rollers in your hair during you workout to keep the body. Again, don’t take them out until your hair is completely dry. This will give you longevity in your style without adding heat. Please note, your roots may be thicker than when you first got it done, this only adds to the texture. Embrace it! This suggestion is mainly for private or at home workouts. Don’t let me see you doing public gym selfies with rollers, and definitely don’t tag me. Lol

Lastly, have a plan of how your style transitions. You can do this with your stylist. And don’t be afraid to accessorize! I love using scarfs, wraps, clips and more to amp up my hair styles. Especially on not so great hair days.

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