Loving Your Crown

Loving your crown doesn’t always come easy. I love my hair both curly and straightened, however I am not always loving to my hair. I skip moisturizing treatment sessions. I skip wrapping it up at night when Im not sleeping on my silk pillowcase. Most importantly, I skip detangling it!! I often just gel the edges into a top knot. All of those things that I miss when laziness gets the best of me, are exactly what is needed in a healthy hair journey. Whether you wear your hair straight, curly, lightened, chemically treated, weaved up or whatever! Your hair is a gentle fabric that requires TLC. You must Nourish Enhance and Protect your hair!

Go back to the basics! We know deep treatments are a necessity to battling brittleness. Oils and moisturizers are great to nourish, soften, and lock in moisture. Silk fabric when sleeping protects your hair from friction on harsh fabric. (Satin is a great alternative.) A lot of us have drifted away from these tried and true basics. If your hair isn’t where you want it to be, start with these steps and don’t forget your trims!

I look forward to breaking down each of these basics and building on them!

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