Vacation Beauty

Everyone always asks me what to do with their hair when they go on vacation. Usually I’d say some protective style and blah blah blah. But listen, it’s 2021- YOU made it! You might as well flex! So I’ll break down some of my go to hair and beauty tips to stay poppin on vacation with as little maintenance as possible.

  1. Protective Style

Ok, everyone already knows to grab your nearest protective style when you know you’re gonna be getting in or near water everyday for a trip. The thing to remember is, keep it easy. You don’t have to get a million braids that you’ll have to keep for 2 mos. Opt for knotless jumbo waist length box braids, or a quick and easy crochet style. My current favs are the soft and textured butterfly locs. I loved having them for my trip and soon as I got home, it took 20 mins to get them out.

2. Sun Protection

Who wants to go home looking like the leather bag they carried to vacation? No one! So, wear your sunscreen every single day and re-apply. This includes all my black and brown sistas. The sun will dehydrate and embarrass you. To combat dry ashy burnt patches from excessive sun exposure, try my fav Black Girl Sunscreen. It’s infused with jojoba oil so it gives a beautiful sheen and keeps your skin hydrated and protected. The best part is, it doesn’t leave a gray cast on you skin.

While you’re protecting your skin you should also be protecting your hair and scalp. Both can receive sun damage. To keep your strands from drying out or changing color, try a product with SPF like Coola Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30. You can also wear a hat. Hats are always my go to for scalp and hair protection on beach days.

3. Try Something New

Try a style that you normally are too afraid to rock in your day to day life. Vacation is the time you can be daring and extra. Wear the huge hair, the longer lengths, the brighter color, the natural curl/wave, the clip on pony. This is a great time to try with no pressure!

4. Deep Treatment

Literally this one is a no brainer. You can condition your hair while you get that massage, go to the spa, or any other time you are just laying around! Grab your favorite treatment, cover with a shower cap and wrap your head in a towel. Notice how I did it in the cover photo!


5. Slick it Back

If all else fails, grab your 3 hero items…Gel, a ponytail elastic, and a brush. Slick that hair back ladies! It’s so chic and pairs perfectly with your tan. Lol! Middle part, no part, high, low, baby hairs or bun….everyone looks good in a slick pony. You can even use conditioner during your slick back moments for extra hydration time.

Moral of the story, Don’t overthink it and have fun!

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