Workout, But Make It Glam!


If you’re anything like me, you may spend time on Instagram scrolling through the pages of ultra fabulous fitness gurus and trainers. I’m always wondering, how are you this cute while working out!?! Obviously, most of those pics and videos are staged for us, the audience; but some of those glamorous looks actually make it to the gym! So it made me think, I should revamp my workout look. It may sound cliche, but you know the saying…. “when you look good, you feel good.” It’s difficult enough that most of us are doing our workouts at home or over zoom, we should at least feel good about the healthy decisions we make to move our bodies. Plus, you never know who you may cross on your next run, walk, or training in the park.

So, here are a few red carpet familiar hairstyles that can easily transition to glam looks ready for your morning meeting or your post workout thirst trap!


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…THE BUN! The bun is a great way to look snatched no matter your hair texture or length. If your hair is short, or not thick, add some hair. You can add synthetic or human, curly or straight. Anything goes! For a workout, I prefer high buns so it’s not too elegant. Use product to smooth it down and get it tight. This will help hold it together when the sweat starts rolling. Or the tears…..Just me? Ok, never mind.



The dancer ponytail! No, this is not just for those flexible girls with thighs of steel whipping their 24” hair under lights. You too can have a super snatched, super long, super thick ponytail to whip around the gym or field. It’s easy to keep because of the products used during the slicking down process. You can even wear a sweatband or headband during the workout to keep it in tact. Now this definitely depends on what your workout regimen is. For me, I find it easy to have long hair while doing my beginners weight training and cardio/zumba workouts. Use your judgement, I won’t be responsible for any ponytail induced whiplash following this post.


Half up Half down is another great go to. Whether you’re working with an old sweated out blowout, or big natural curly hair. This works for everyone and every texture, because you still get a clean snatched hairline. Then you can be as straight or voluminous as you want in the back. Some people like to sew or crotchet extensions in the back for a more long term style. Clip in extensions are also a good idea in this instance, just be sure you put in enough so it’s blended through to the ends of the hair.



This last suggestion seems obvious, but of course there is old faithful braids. Braids are absolutely stunning and can be super creative and practical for the gym. Opt out of your norm individuals and try, braided ponytails, braids with texture, twists, and faux locs. You should even use braids as a way to play with color. Have fun with it!

Now you have a few go to styles to help you glam it up for your next workout. I personally advise against wearing makeup to a sweat session, but the hair, we can do the hair sis!! You might as well grab one of those cute matching sets also, to finish off your look. Now gone head an work it out girl...but make it glam!!

xo, Shay


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